How To Start A Successful WordPress Blog with Bluehost Hosting – For Beginners

Are you want to start a WordPress blog as a beginner on immediately due to passion for blogging in online. If you have a passion, i will guide you to set up a successful WordPress blog on Bluehost from beginning level to a professional level with help of my guide for beginners.My Bluehost hosting Review Guide is help you so much about knowing bluehost hosting.

introduction to start a blog in wordpres using bluehost hosting

Table of contents


In blogging carrier as a beginner, you need a domain name to start a successful WordPress website or a blog. It is like your company name. You can buy a free domain name with any Bluehost plan without ordering from other domain providers like Godaddy.
If many new bloggers are hard to set up a successful blog due to technical knowledge in blog hosting.

An example of domain is “”. In my wordpress blog domain name is for recognising for my website that i create.

Next, You should select a host for storing or available it in internet Bluehost site which helps to Select a server to host a website or blog at valuable money plans.I mention for clarity.

Yes ,if you have complication in successful wordpress hosting?

If Yes, it ok… I have also trouble in for choosing a right hosting plan for my website. so, I selected the Godaddy plan but their plan never gave a flexible You don’t fool like me…..Bluehost plans are more valuable than godaddy.Why?

In Godaddy, starting plans do not have Free SSL security certificates. l realised after a few months, l decide to set aside their plan for few months.So In my opinion Bluehost is better than godaddy in case of SSl certificates.

So, l have been involved in trouble.but in case of you, l suggest bluehost as a good hosting for beginners especially for non technical knowledge bloggers.

I reviewed Bluehost detailed in another article named bluehost review-best web hosting for beginners .

Bluehost have any problem in their plans and feature you can comment on it or email personally. If creating a website or blog for beginners is simple to move by my personal guide that Follow now………for beginners.

On this steps, Bluehost you should note repeatedly with careful observation and l provided with detailed step by step guide.

Let’s Starts with opening bluehost website, Their plans are starts from 2.95$ per month with free domain name included in starting plans also for beginners.

Step 1:Click below Link To Open Bluehost Site

Are You Got It? Yes….Then Click Her To Visit–>>

If you reached homepage then you can click “Get started now” button to compare packages page. If you can compare plans what your needs of a website.

If you want to start a WordPress blog as a beginner with less number of visitors you should go with a basic plan for saving money. If you are a professional blogger you should go with next plan that you can afford from an plans.

I wrote a Bluehost review that is helpful to guide to choose which plan is better for your a website or blog.

After comparing the price and feature you should select your plan with Bluehost to start your WordPress blog as quickly as possible. because offer should be varied according to day to day. So make sure as well as a possible for beginner.

Step 2.Entering a “New Domain” If you Are a Beginner[Those who do not Purchase domain]

If your choice is perfect,it is up to you.Next Step go to “Sign up now” page

If this Sign up now Page……….

It is only for entering a domain name for Your own website or blog on bluehost media.

In this Bluehost page, the first box is for “Entering a new domain name”, if you don’t purchase a domain name from another store like Godaddy. Choose the right name as you prefer or you loved so much and go next button.

If you have a domain name purchased earlier, you can enter your old domain name in the second text box in your field “l have a domain name” and go next button.

Step 3 : Verify package information Correct or Not

For a demo, I purchased Basic plan at 2.95$ month for 3 years for getting High discount.You can Navigate Account plan field for various Year prices.

If you can choose whatever you like don’t choose higher [3 years ] If you don’t have enough money. The Extra In 3 Year plan have get greater discount compare to other Year plans.

Please Note: In default, package extras are ticked. You can uncheck when you don’t want these extra features like domain privacy protection, sitelock security, basic SEO tools start.

Move to submit the plan and Bluehost will redirect you to payment information page. In this page ,you can fill all details for verification of your account.

Step 4: make sure Your Payment method details Correct

Make Sure are your payment card or Netbanking is correct to proceed. If your are in correct way you can submit and pay your plan.

Step5: Get a Congratulation Message

After Payment procedure, You Get a Wishes from bluehost for Starting a website.

If You Get the Message you can Log in to your Homepage by using own Username and password that You filled in Details.

Please Note: Don’t share Your Bluehost Password.didTry to Protect the password with non-logical terms. If hacked by another person I will suffer you for a long time.

Yes, You did It…………………………You have a blog or website space. But You don’t select a platform right. Yes you want to install website builder provided in the given builders in below Bluehost c-panel.

I prefer wordpress for starting a blog on bluehost.

Are you disappointed to know why?

WordPress platform is used almost all bloggers for starting a blog in Bluehost and other hosting companies. All tools are available for blogging is beneficiary for bloggers. At most SEO tools are used easily in WordPress for ranking in google.

Step 6: Login Cpanel Of bluehost with Your Username and password

Step 7: Install WordPress in Bluehost c-panel

Just Click “Install WordPress” in c-panel for installing and ready to use. After installing WordPress, look below to setup Step-Step General tips for WordPress settings.

General Tips For beginners in WordPress

After Installing wordPress to your Blog. You should setup a few tips right Now!

1.Fill the identity of your site

By Adding Site-title, tagline, WordPress address URL, site URL etc to for identify your blog. By which navigate to Settings>>General


  1. Site Title − It displays the name of your WordPress website in wanted to display in the search engine as a site tile.
  2. Tagline − ln precise Displays a short description of your WordPress website.
  3. WordPress Address (URL) − It is the Uniform resource locator(URL) of WordPress directory(folder) where is your all main application files are located.
  4. Site Address(URL) − Enter the domain name you buy to start this website which the name is to display on the browser.
  5. E-mail Address − Enter your e-mail address which helps to the recovery process that caused by hacking or losing of the passwords.

2. Install a perfect theme for your wordpress blog

Yes,IF you done by general settings you should go with selecting a best theme. Navigate to Appearance>>Themes>>add-New

3. Change the permalink structure

Change link structure with Post name which l prefer. If you can set permalink with Title, date, month also.

4. Install an SEO plugin

Why SEO plugin is used in WordPress? Ir only because, IF your article is to rank in google needs Best SEO management. So you should do your SEO well maintained.Install a prefect seo plugin for wordpress now. Plugins>>Add-New>>SEO plugin

5. Install a caching plugin

If You are beginner Definitely know Cache plugin. It is simply for the process of creating static versions of your content (post and page)SEO and serving that to visitors for quick access of content. SEO pages are leads to the perfect faster performance of your WordPress website for beginners.

General tips For writing a blog Post.

If you are writing a blog post then you should do High-quality content for value from following instruction should be analyzed correctly…

In this section is only for beginners to share some additional helpful tips for your new website or blog. If Owners of successful WordPress blog makes mistakes. I also mention in beginning also that made and things I simply didn’t know about in my early stages.If I could start over again with my blog and business then the most important thing I would do is do SEO strategy Instead of advertising. As a beginner l miss out in Storytelling skills so it hurts me so you should capable of work as Storyteller in begin stage.Let’s start the Tips One by One…

a) Story Telling and Promotion

Why Story Telling should you send out regularly so important? It only because readers are lazy about hard speaking or don’t tell over to visitors. If you can do follows to as a blogger

  • Opening mind to visitors clearly. I usually do more open speaking skills in my blog that includes inspiring personal stories and make connections.when l lazy normally in life compared to when I publish a post on my WordPress website.
  •  Enrich readership of Your blog to be high. When I publish a new post up on my website then I usually link to the previous post for extra coverage. I have found that this increases in post readability than It should keep in mind always by beginners and do it step by step.
  • Brands promotion and Sales ratio: In fantasy, When I send out brand promotion post I’ve created to customer directly with more specific target can lead more visitors and many of them comes from a blog.
  • post about it on my website). The same goes for monthly and yearly sales numbers of Your product.
  • If you don’t have an email list then you’re likely leaving a lot of money for promotion to other media like Fb, Google advertising etc.
  • Make E-mail list or collaborate with others: If Google decides to push You down in their search results algorithm and send less new customers or readers to your WordPress website or Facebook changes their algorithm less affected by that using E-mail list. Because If you have a mail list and there is nothing another company can do to reduce it or take it away from your business.

I recommend for setting up an email list which perfectly functions and give results to your blog at the beginning level.

b) Create a Great content post for Your wordpress blog.

The key to generating new readers to your WordPress website in this days.why? In each year after year is to Google search algorithm focus on quality posts.Not it down, writing 1000words above post per week is enrich you. But many Bloggers are be focus that energy and time into fewer low quality content. The tips for your first post in this article l suggest to you is:

Creating valuable content to your readers perfectly without any compromise. Make your content is helpful to readers 100%. Adding relevant information about topic clearly. But also keep this in mind to make the post even better… than other for competitions.

If making a great post to your readers, they give a perfect reaction. As agree to your for trust post can bring value score back to you.In such a way, the posts do more easily go High level or featured in. At least shared more often in my experience.These posts are also what Google like to see for their search results algorithm. The more valuable and helpful posts are better than lower quality posts. It affects readers mind tends to do to bring in new readers via search engines through suggestions.

Goes clear picture of your article if you wanted to review, Then you should deal with in-depth reading is needed.

Do a search for it via Google search with Exact like a post you wanted you needed…

If the article is perfect in nature, You should need a perfect in-depth analysis about the topic. Just read their topics and rewrite with your own opinion.Also, have a look at how they use images, alt tags, video etc. to improve your posts to get higher results. Gather information and then think about how you can use information in your own post through storytelling.

If you have written a good informatics post then you should share the post via media in online for extra viewers. Is your Wordpress blog really writes a good blog post then let some people know about it in future.Remember one thing don’t share your post if you any valuable information in particular topic. If one-time credibility lost then it should be very difficult to retain it.

If it’s a really good post then someone is shared their experience with audiences too…

c) Look Google Search Algorithm

The website google algorithm is changing very fast in the Google search rankings over the days. And Facebook and Instagram tweak and change their algorithms pretty hard to sustain in social media too.

So be smart and focus most of in blog with like start a Wordpress blog .Start to sustain in blogging field. Start focus it in works the best to grow your audience.I’ve found many are beginners not sustain in blogging?  how to sustain in blogging?

Yes, A starter website should able to sustain in internet with are helpful to readers or people you Target and check they are get full advantage.I help readers with start a WordPress blog or website are simply way without any complication in this you also start target to get attention in particular reader.First You do target less informatics topic to get into Top on the google page. think about if I want to make a change on my website based on that topic from readers.

Just type particular topic with high information with learned. Major queries arise that can be helpful to start a website and how to establish a Right topic with high attention.

Yes, you can do much more than others, your success is coming to you in less time.

I said because many bloggers are use top keywords but just focus on less competitive keywords that drive more rank than utilization power is benefits to you.  Just Overlook the field And get good ideas for how to grow to big audience and how to satisfy customer or readers queries?

You have knowledge in topic that you spread in internet or speak in post.If any time you can solve the queries that arises personally.don’t lapsed time for readers for what the topic is included.

Just flow some basic information about your post that included in-front of your post. One of the best ways to catch readers is helpful some time is to write a guest post for another website related to you like How to start a wordpress blog?

 Check out your favorite sites in your field do you want write guest post,then you should do a Google search for guest posting with simply contact it with a email for guest posts.

 Don’t just do simple work to create a good post. Instead, Just start to create a great site truly helpful and in-depth post will make the publisher attract and his or her readers happy likely that the post also go viral and that it will bring in search traffic to your website and you can grow in trust also.When someone has read,it will bring your credibility goes high. 

One effective way to understand your lack is quering to your readers that enrich deeply for next step.How I Do Backup ?

d) Backup Your content For future use and avoid problems

Something happen in these days on your website.How you manage ? If it is small you can maintain If you are post are more then risky factors are also High.

so need a Regular backup for Your website. Or you get hacked by someone anonymous. It’s no fun thing should never happen but it is . So you should be prepared for any attacks and make a backup of your started blog. Then it will be a lot easier,simply and less stressful to get back your site to where you stayed.

You can get many free and great backup plugins to protect attacks by doing a simple search for that on the wordpress plugin search box.

Next step is Upgrade your content regularly for stable ranking level. I’ve started doing in 2018 is to use content upgraded to 2019 you should also do for getting better seo rank.Ranking factor are also varies in 2019 onwards so I thing that takes a bit of work but I highly recommend.

Here’s what you do in getting started with 2019 onwards. Make a perfect extra features and points should be added to maintain the top rank as well as in 2019 Just upgrade your content that you created.Just start it now……my favourite host- bluehost.

Features of bluehost hosting.

  1. Middle level plan basic plus above starts with Unlimited disk storage space ,Bandwidth ,Email subscribes ,Domain name( pro) (for 1 years hosting plans in 2019 for beginners).
  2. The featured cPanel by bluehost is really easy to use for beginners in detailed .You can open wordpress in One click in WordPress icon.
  3. You get a free domain name(name of website or blog, example1: for a year [2019] with your purchase package in specific plans that valid the bluehost.
  4. Secure level databases, like MySQlPostgreSQLCGI-BINPHP, much more are be supported
  5. Tons of free website themes in and scripts are available.Note:In my wordpress website I use theme provided by
  6.  The tools box menu ,blog support Queries, Mailing lists, Chat scripts etc in website in 2018 which provided by bluehost .
  7. Ecommerce plugin for e-shopping website is enabled and SSL security for security for 2019.If Many Free wordpress plugin are available in market which You can choose.

Extra features should Note!

Quickly Update Of Plans-It shows the small plan server of beginners can be modified to new higher plan server like vps and dedicated server within the simple clicks and with proper needs.You can choose with a VPS,Dedicated server with Proper Review.

Guaranteed resources: The Bulk Unaffordable resource can been read and write in within the couple of Minutes without losing data packets at High level.Bluehost Introduced KVM hypervisor to ensures resources are always available in server for proper Functioning .It is benefit to new customers or beginners .

Root access: For advanced, dedicated and VPS users are enabled improved control panel which offers full access in server , giving you complete control of your server with few settings in previous Cpanel.

Multi-account management: Add shared, VPS or dedicated services to your existing account and manage all of your servers at one place. By creating passwords which allowing separate access to cPanel  with username and account ownership information be included in c panel at well so you can access from your own computer from where you want in server. Which are hosted with shared hosting, the provider is generally responsible for manage servers .

With features like  installing server software, security updates, and other aspects of the service in any manner with concern manner.Within the Server-side OS have similar function in their server.

For a newbie bloggers are become suggest the windows but the professional bloggers are suggested with linux because the facility and feature of linux for handling a website .For developers,most of them are used linux due to more and more powerful than windows server.

There are many of  shared hosting providers in all around the world especially in the US and UK alone are use WordPress for starting blog in 2019.Bluehost accomply from small design firms to multi-dollar companies in the field of hosting providers.

Lakhs of customers are Members of their hosting client. A large area of Hosting are shared web hosting market .Shared web hosting –sharing of cost for running a server with divide resource of server equally. Install website in shared server is called cooperative, cheap countries customers can use speedest servers for beginners can benefit for wordpress bloggers to start efficient carrier.

Even though Start a website for beginner is enjoy full advantage to this hosting facility

customers Reviews:

I as of late bought in to bluehost and everything I can say that so great in setting up our messages, first their client benefit visit are constantly on the web, whenever of the day I require help they can talk with me, I welcome it so much i have zero cost.

I was here yesterday perusing surveys and got an a counsel from this gathering to get A2 facilitating rather however tragically A2 client benefit was not on the web and that is something we don’t need as we need issues to be settled immediately .so l well in bluehost hosting to start a blog .

VPS web hosting-contain it own copy of an operating system (OS) in server with full access control . so,which means website Owners can act as sudo user or superuser at gaining access to that operating system so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS with any c panel .

So associated service can enjoy separately and get more privacy for blogging as a beginner and review a product in internet. There are many of  shared hosting providers in all around the world.

So you should know all point in Hosting before choose bluehost and starting a wordpress blog as beginner.well all the best for beginner to achieve as professional blogger.

Important Points to Remember

  • If you have to start a blog in WordPress as a beginner then You should compare the plans in Bluehost with proper needs. If many bloggers are spending cheap price plan from many hosting providers. but the Real and genuine company like are given full freedom to use your own server(shared or dedicated) with great customer support.
  • Bluehost have 24/7 customer support for all major language are supported. By which all person can choose their language in c-panel.
  • If you are starting a blog needs High security due lakhs of attacks are been happening to website owners all around the world. So you need to install SSL certificate to secure your data through the internet.
  • The SSL certificate is pre-enabled in Bluehost you should just activate after login Bluehost c-panel.
  • If beginner bloggers which are needs privacy protection just tick the box in plans window.
  • All should aware of plans bandwidth and CPU usage condition before hosting a blog on Bluehost.
  • Bluehost Uptime-99% is Positive. So don’t worry about Sitedown problem which means they managed Server with their technical team.You, don’t care about anything if you host Bluehost to start a blog as a beginner. if you can maintain all blogs with single c-panel in one click if you suggest Multi-hosting plan.

Believe in hosting, Are you able to start a wordpress blog in 2019 on bluehost in successful way with my Guide Then start comment It below.


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